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We pride ourselves on providing you with products and services of the highest quality. Feel free to contact us with questions or decide for yourself by choosing us for your next marine purchase or project.


Midwest is proud to offer a constantly changing inventory of marine equipment for your boating needs. Please feel free to check back often and review our equipment offer, both New and Used.

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About Us

Midwest Equipment Dock and Lift Services (MEDALS) is a full service marine product sales and service company located in northeastern Wisconsin. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and the effort we take to ensure our customers' satisfaction. MEDALS is a family-owned and operated business with ties to northern Wisconsin and an enjoyment of working 'up north'.

What We Do

MEDALS services cover a wide range of activities. From sales to services, we strive to ensure that our customers and come to us to fill any of their marine needs. We cover a wide geographic area in northeastern Wisconsin with clients spread out over the following lakes.

  • Lake Noquebay
  • High Falls Flowage
  • Left Foot Lake
  • Newton Lake
  • Sand Stone Flowage
  • Thunder Lake
  • Eagle Lake
  • Morgan Lake
  • Rost Lake
  • Ucil Lake
  • Barnes Lake
  • Crooked Lake
  • Frog Lake
  • Grindle Lake
  • White Lake
  • Ranch Lake
  • Chute Pond
  • Anderson Lake
  • Boulder Lake

Our unique approach to servicing our customers has enabled us to grow quickly and to ensure that we have the appropriate tools and resources to fulfill all of your marine needs.

Our Clients


We do the work so you don't have to

Midwest provides services to save our customers time and allow them to enjoy the benefits of lake living. We provide everything from dock and lift installation and removal, shoreline restoration, marine recovery and removal and dock, lift and trailer sales.


At Midwest, we pride ourselves not just on our work and your happiness but on our ability to communicate with our customers. We'll keep you updated on our schedule, upcoming services and new offerings you may be interested in.

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Proper Tools & Equipment

Using the appropriate tools and equipment ensures accurate and correction completion of your project needs.

Posted: 04.23.2020
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Sufficient Time & Labor

The experienced staff of Midwest uses years of experience working with marine equipment to ensure your project's success.

Posted: 04.17.2020
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Opportunities for Awesomeness

Midwest's concern for your enjoyment means early installation and late removal to ensure the longest boating season possible.

Posted: 04.29.2020


Thank you for your interest in Midwest Equipment Dock and Lift Services. We look forward to providing you with exceptional services.


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